Book 1

Author's Notes

I am thankful to everyone who picked up this digital or physical copy. It is now part of who I am and I am proud to see people enjoying it.


Thanks to everyone who inspired or made the book better: my proofreaders, my illustrator, the ones closest to me, and the first readers from Zerobooks and Jnovels Discord servers. I could have probably finished the book on my own, but it would have been so plain in comparison. You have my gratitude.


Writing it has been an eight-month incredible adventure. I started planning it and writing the first words while taking on the huge task of my graduation research work. I got an 18 out of 20 for this work and this book led to many wonderful afternoons and evenings. Sometimes, I did not even see hours fading away.


I want to dedicate more time to provide readers with anecdotes and extra content. Livestreaming on Twitch and VODs on Youtube have just been available to me at the time I’m writing this.


I don’t know if this book is good enough to gamble my future on it, so I will keep this series as a side hobby no matter what. I have big plans for the story going forward and hope you, my readers, will remain faithful to Arcane Magic.


But more than this, I wanted to use this Author’s Note to pass on a message. To every wannabe writer who reads this, trust your guts. If you don’t know anything about writing, creating a website, attracting traffic, and more, the truth is:          

It does not matter. You can learn

In our world, you can find every resource you need online. All you need is to keep away the negative thoughts and start somewhere. Be sure of what kind of message you want to send, and build from it. I’m saying this because someone inspired me to do the same, and I have been trained by the right people to keep moving forward no matter what.


Nothing would make me more proud than to read your stories, 

Charles FUSTER